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LED Street lighting: Energy efficiency, safety and an attractive urban landscape


LED Street lighting: Energy efficiency, safety and an attractive urban landscape

Modern LED street lighting saves significant levels of energy and costs, is able to improve urban safety, enables an appealing atmosphere worth living in, and sustainably reduces CO2 emissions. As an investment project, it is therefore capable of achieving positive urban development more quickly than other modernization projects. Local councils have a wide variety of different financing and subsidy programs available to them.

According to a recent survey the technical state of street lighting is estimated by 51% of councils as being in need of upgrading. This is scalable for different other European countries. In previous refurbishment projects, Yahua lighting was able to save up to 85% of lighting overheads due to the use of energy-efficient LED lighting and intelligent light management systems, simultaneously achieving an improvement in the quality of light.

 its subsidiary company Siteco provide a complete portfolio of high-efficiency, intelligent LED solutions for modern, energy-efficient and durable urban lighting. For district councils of any size aiming to design a future worth living for their residents in an energy-saving, safe, appealing and networked way.

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