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LED Industrial Commerical High Bay Light Instruction Manual


LED highbay lamp is different from the traditional HID high bay light  with obvious environmental protection, energy saving Its high brightness, small light failure, the long life of the characteristics of LED products more prominent advantages. 

We use Philips LED chip and Meanwell driver thermal structure design using pure copper vacuum tube + aviation fin technology to do radiator, making this product in the cooling capacity, Life, structure and other aspects of technology are leading counterparts to protect the product more secure and reliable use. 

These high bay light could be used in many Application: Suitable for workshop, plant, warehouse, underground parking, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, gymnasium and so on. 

 Product features: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements; start quickly; long life; 50-80% less than traditional lighting; design science, unique, elegant, so that more artistic lighting

If you are looking for high quality LED highbay lamp or need any more datasheet welcome you conatct us e-mail. 

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