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Advantages of Solar LED Lighting

Advantages of Solar LED Lighting:

Solar LED Lighting combines Green Solar Power and Green LED light source to bright up places where we need to. It is the greenest lighting system so far. The Reasons and facts are as follow...

Solar LED lighting generates its own electricity just by sitted under the sun light.

For small Solar lighting systems like Solar Lawn Lights, Solar Garden Lights....

* They are easy to install and mostly just place and play. Almost all can be set up by your own.

* They are isolated system with no external electrical connection needed.

* No ELECTRICAL Bill to worry about.

* When main power fails, your Solar LED lighting will keep working for you.

LED light source is bright and long lasting.

Leds use 50 to 90 % less power compares to other tradition light sources while giving out the same or more brightness.

Led is a SOLID state light can easily last for 7 to 8 years under normal usage.

LED lights generate low heat while in operation, you will not get burn when get contacted to the lamp. Your place will be safer for you and your love one.

Equipped with Deep Cycle Battery
Our solar LED light all comes with Maintenance Free Deep Cycle Battery. Life span of the battery is expected to be 3 years or more.

Equipped with Solar Controller to ON and OFF of the lamp.
Solar LED light can be programmed for manual ON/OFF or to turn on automatically to on at night and off in day time; so you don’t worry about switching on and off of the garden light.

LED will be the only future light source because...

Super High Brightness.
With today's technology, the brightness of LED light is within 80LM/W to 100LM/W.

It is about 10 times the brightness of Halogen and Incandescent light with same electrical power input and is 2 to 4 times of Fluorescent tube and Compact Fluorescent Bulb.

In theory, Led brightness can reach 300 LM/w.
At present time by replace the traditional lighting to the LED light, you will reduce your electrical lighting cost from 50 to 90%.

Long Life Span up to 80 000 Hours.

The average life span of the Led today is 40 000 Hours.
If the light is on for 10 hours per day, it will last for 11 years.
No maintenance for 10 years and loss of used.

The longest it can reach is 80 000 hours and it keeps increasing with the technology advancements.

Low Heat Generated.
The heat generated by the Led is very much less compared to Halogen or Fluorescent light.

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