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Advantages of Solar Street Lights:

(1) Energy-saving and Environmental Protection: Solar street lights are energy-saving and environmentally friendly products, which can beautify the rural environment and form a beautiful landscape, and in response to the country's call for "green lighting", it can better guide rural people's energy-saving awareness.

(2)Simple Construction: The construction of traditional urban circuit lights is more complicated. It requires earth-moving, digging, and occupation of farmers and other places, which can easily cause conflicts between the project and the villagers and is not easy to construct; the construction of solar street lights is more convenient than the city circuit lights. It only needs to dig pits, no needs to lay cables; integrated solar street lights can choose to dig pits and bury new poles like traditional solar street lights, or they can be installed on existing poles, wiring and other supports. This has reduced the construction process.

(3)Price Advantage: Traditional urban circuit lights are much cheaper than solar street lights when they are purchased, but the follow-up costs are also higher than them, such as: replacement of accessories, components, electrical costs, maintenance costs, wiring and erection of poles, etc., but there is almost no subsequent costs about solar street lights. Solar lighting fixtures are free of electricity charges and are a one-time expenditure without any maintenance costs. The investment costs can be recovered in three years and long-term benefits.




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