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What are 6 advantages of solar street lights?

A solar street lamp is composed of a solar panel, LED light source, solar street lamp controller, battery, street lamp pole, and so on. During the day, solar street lights are controlled by a solar street controller, and solar panels absorb solar light and convert it into electricity. The battery module charges the battery bank, which provides power to the LED light source at night to complete the lighting function. Today, we're going to talk about the advantages of solar street lighting.

1. The safety factor of solar street lamps is very guaranteed

As solar street lights are used to absorb solar energy to generate electricity, the current is directly converted into light waves, because the safety risk is less.

2. Low maintenance cost

The cost of maintenance and repair of ordinary street lamps can be very high. Solar street lamps only need regular inspection, maintenance, and maintenance. Low maintenance costs, can save a lot of costs.

3. Smart and energy efficient

The solar street lamp has to charge protection function, with light control and time control function, so that the solar street lamp can effectively save energy, increase the effective lighting time, reduce the production cost, and more energy saving, and environmental protection.

solar street light 1

solar street light 2

4. Safe and reliable, energy saving and environmental protection

The solar street lamp has stable voltage, stable operation, and small security risks. In addition, solar street lamps use sunlight to work, reducing the consumption of electric energy, which is conducive to the sustainable development of ecology. Product no radiation, no pollution, is the future direction of lighting.

5. Long service life and durable

The solar street lamp has high technology content and excellent quality. The life of each battery module is more than ten years, and the cost performance is very high. Currently, the production process of solar cell components is very mature, so it can basically ensure that the characteristics of the 10 years or so will not be degraded. Also, solar cell components can provide electricity for a longer period of time.

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6. Easy to install

Solar street lights in the installation, there is no complicated line, is an integrated design. And there are no concerns about blackouts or power rationing. Moreover, because the line is concise, there is no maintenance cost at the later stage, which is a long-term benefit. In the long run, it can save a lot of money on electricity and protection costs. The installation is convenient and flexible, and customers can adjust the size of the solar street lamp according to their needs.

solar street light 4

Solar street lights are a kind of street lamp that uses solar energy as a power supply energy. It is not affected by the power supply, does not consume conventional electric energy, does not pollute the environment, and is green, so it has been widely concerned by people. In addition, the application range of solar street lamps is also very wide. It can be used for lighting roads, streets, parks, and other places. It can also be used in areas with low population density and inconvenient transportation. Solar street lamps have solved people's lighting problems very well and have been loved by people all over the world.