Tower Crane Lamp

Tower Crane Lamp

Model: BF-800W
Voltage:100-305V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature:6000K
Light Angle: 45°60°
Protection Class: IP65
Material: aluminum alloy
Warranty: 3 years
MOQ:1PC,On time delivery,Batch order save 5%-10%
Application: construction sites, tower cranes, road construction, bridge construction, and other large-scale lighting places, etc.

Product Details

1. The LED light source of the tower crane lamp is all produced by automatic solid crystal welding line packaging lead-free wave soldering process. The life of the lamp bead is more than 50000 hours, the annual light decline is less than 5%, the life is long, the power consumption is low, and the product has achieved true green environmental protection and no pollution. The tower crane lamp is one of our company's main products, sales in Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa, and other countries has been widely praised by customers.

2. The tower crane lamp surface waterproof performance is strong, waterproof grade (IP65) certification.

Scope of application of tower crane lamp

Tower crane lamps as a new type of green lighting lamp and lanterns, using high-quality imported super bright semiconductor light-emitting diode as light source, using high-quality aluminum alloy, advanced electronic ceramic materials such as thermal conductivity, heat dissipation, advanced circuit protection device, appearance elegant high-grade, widely used in construction sites, tower crane, bridge construction and other large lighting places.

Product performance

  • The installation of lamps and lanterns is ceiling-type, safe, and reliable.

  • Protection level: IP65.

  • Color temperatures up to 6000K, a variety of colors can be selected.

  • Isolated constant current drive, safe, stable, and reliable.

  • The use of a convection heat dissipation structure, and the use of high-quality heat dissipation aluminum, prolong the life of the lamps.

  • Ribbon lighting optical design, improve the uniformity of indoor area, not stroboscopic.

  • The LED chip package is imported from The United States, with long life and a good light environment.

  • Input power cable 1.0㎡×3, withstand voltage 100V-305V.

led flood light 500watt (1)


led flood light 500watt (3)

Product detail:

Voltage:100-305V 50/60Hz
Color Temperature:6000K
Light Angle:45° 60°
Product Size:365*410*230mm
Package Size:53*55*57cm 1PCS/Case Rough Weight27.5KG

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