solar garden ground lights
  • Cheap Solar Lawn Light Garden Light IP65
  • Cheap Solar Lawn Light Garden Light IP65
  • Cheap Solar Lawn Light Garden Light IP65
  • Cheap Solar Lawn Light Garden Light IP65

solar garden ground lights

Protection Class: IP65
Color Temperature: -40℃-+60℃
Warranty: 3 years
MOQ:1PC,On time delivery,Batch order save 5%-10%
Application: urban slow lane, narrow lane, residential area, tourist area, park, square, private garden, courtyard corridor and other public places.

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Product Description:

Solar garden ground light is a kind of green energy lamp, which has the characteristics of safety, energy saving, environmental protection, and convenient installation. Under light irradiation, the electric energy is stored in the battery through the solar cell, and in the absence of light, the electric energy of the battery is sent into the load LED through the controller. Suitable for residential community green lawn landscaping lighting ornament, and park lawn landscaping ornament.


When the sun shines on the solar cell during the day, the solar cell converts the light energy into electricity, which is stored in the battery through a control circuit. After dark, the power from the battery runs through a control circuit to power the lawn light's LED source. The next morning, at dawn, the battery stopped powering the light source, the lawn lights went off, and the solar cell continued to charge the battery, and the cycle continued. The controller is composed of a single-chip microcomputer and a sensor, which controls the light source part to be on and off through the acquisition and judgment of the optical signal. The lamp body mainly plays the role of system protection and daytime decoration to ensure the normal operation of the system. The light source, controller, and battery are the key factors to determine the performance of the lawn lamp system.


Product detail:

Product ModelVX-A Double colar modelVX-B Colorful change style
The solar panelsDC5.5V*1.7W polycrystalline siliconDC5.5V*1.7W polycrystalline silicon
Battery3.7V/2200mA lithium battery
3.7V/2200mA lithium battery
LEDWhite light/warm light two-color LED*9RGB5050LED*9
The body materialABSABS
ChargingSolar chargingSolar charging
The charging time>8H>8H
IP rateIP65IP65
The illumination time8-12H8-12H
Switch modeLight control+colar selectionlight control+automatic color change+colar selection





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