Solar Lights For Yard
  • Solar Lights For Yard
  • Solar Lights For Yard
  • Solar Lights For Yard
  • Solar Lights For Yard
  • Solar Lights For Yard

Solar Lights For Yard

4 Ways easy to install:sleeve or bracket
Power:50W 100W 150W 200W
Time control work mode,aotu bright when dark,aotu turn off when daytime
Work time: more than 12 hours per night
6V20W Solar panel for solar lights for yard
3.2V Li-ion 18Ah battery
Working mode:Remote control + Light control
Lamp size(mm):500*300*50
Before installation solar lights for yard, please keep the switch turn on

Product Details

 Solar Lights For Yard

Specification for solar lights for yard
Power W50W100W150W200W250W
Solar panel6V20W6V30W6V50W6V60W6V60W
Battery(3.2V)Li-ion 18AhLi-ion 24AhLi-ion 36AhLi-ion 48AhLi-ion 60Ah

Working mode++Remote Control+Light Control+Radar Sensor It can be optional

Lamp size(mm)500*300*50700*300*50900*300*501070*300*501200*300*50

solar lights for yard

Four ways brackets for installation the solar lights for yard, you can choose any one you want.

solar lights for yard (2)

solar lights for yard

Controller, smart controller with microwave induction and power saving

Lamp bead high brightness and high lumen

SMD3030 high light efficiency>150lm

Life span:50000hours

70Ra/ LM80 standard

Heat emission hole

Lower temperature of battery and extend working life.

Four types of installation can be optional for solar light for yard

Standard lamp holder

Adjustable angle lamp holder

Straight sleeve lamp holder

Slanted sleeve lamp holder

Switch,microwave induction with remote control.Mechanical switch and time control

solar lights for yard..jpg

Controller for solar lights for yard

IP65 waterproof, with strong noise resistance and high charging efficiency

IP65 waterproof connector

Solar panel for solar lights for yard

conversion efficiency>21%

Life span:25 years

Housing for solar lights for yard

Housing is made of aluminum profiles with durable, rustless, recyclable, fireproof and explosion-proof performance.

Lithium battery for solar lights for yard

Cycle life:more than 800 times.

Heat insulation foam

Insulate heat from aluminium plates and extend working life.

solar lights for yard

During the day, you can test the brightness of the solar lights for yard by covering the solar panel.

solar light for yard solar lights for yard..

Our factory

solar street light

Shaanxi Yahua Lighting Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. established in 2001. 

Our company specializes in the development, manufacturing, sales and installation of LED lighting products. 

Our main products include LED Street Light, Solar LED Street Light, LED High bay light, LED Flood Light, ODM and OEM various LED Lights. Quality is the soul of an enterprise,Our products have passed ISO9001, CE, ROHS, IP65,CQC Certificates. Meanwhile we accept the SGS etc. the third party inspection. 

Our LED lights are mainly exported to USA, Africa, Europe, Middle east, Philippines, Australia Etc.Countries. Yahua lighting adopt top quality import brand LED chip and Meanwell driver. These better make sure our good quality and longlife lights. In the past 20 years, our company constructed many national large scale highway road lighting and urban street LED lighting projects. Yahua lighting has set up a professional team of senior engineers and designers and would like to provide for our customers with high standard LED Lighting solution and good service. Improve Lighting Quality, Leading City Lighting Direction.

outdoor 80w light (4)

Our project,

drive way solar lights.

drive way solar lights2

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