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High Quality LED flood light Characteristics and Application

1, the lamp shell are made of high quality aluminum, die-cast aluminum cover; surface anodized or spray treatment; lamp body exquisite beauty, good heat dissipation.

2, the lamp body with tempered glass and waterproof silicone seal, the internal epoxy potting, so the lamp has a double waterproof performance, waterproof effect, waterproof grade IP65.

3, lamps and lanterns are imported high lumen high-power LED chip, color temperature range 2700K-7000K, built-in constant current power supply to ensure the stability of the lamp performance. Energy saving LED source 

4, Flood lamps are used PMMA optical lens, optional 25 ° 35 ° 45 ° 60 ° angle to achieve the desired projection effect.

5, the effective projection distance of the lamp: 2-100M.

6, LED flood lamp operating voltage can be selected according to the actual application: AC / DC24V, AC100-220V.