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How many lumens is a high bay light?

LED high bay lights are including the light efficiency of LED chips, the power supply, and the lamp itself (such as light distribution), etc. 

At present, the luminous efficiency of lamps on the market is generally between 80~130lm/W. 

Buying LED high bay lights are mostly used in the overall lighting and local lighting of factories and commercial lighting places. 

How to choose high-quality LED high bay lights,

1. Material requirements: good high bay lights are made of aluminum alloy with super high thermal conductivity. The surface is sprayed with corrosion-resistant metallic paint to ensure sufficient heat dissipation in the later use.   

2. Brightness requirements: The brightness of industrial and led high bay lights is given higher requirements according to the different use environments. Generally, the power used in normal spaces and shopping malls is more than 80w lumens and more than 2000lm. The brightness of led high bay light is selected according to the size of the area. 

3.Heat dissipation performance: The quality of the led high bay light radiator has a great impact on the quality. For example, Yahualights high bay light uses copper tube heat dissipation radiator, the better the heat dissipation, the less light decay.

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