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LED street light replacement tradition LED road lighting

Global climate conference COP21 conference in Paris, France, Philips released a report on lighting, LED lighting LED street light replacement tradition LED road lighting will bring an unprecedented large-scale energy efficiency on worldwide.


The study "LED White Revolution" that all future lighting will be replaced with LED lights, and a great help in reducing carbon emissions, about 1400 in 2030 to reduce the one million tons (Megaton), equivalent to save 272 billion euros (equivalent to approximately RMB 1.9262 trillion yuan).


Alone lighting electricity consumption accounted for 19% of global electricity, and is equivalent to 6% of global carbon emissions. Therefore, a significant global energy use such as LED lighting technology will be able to go a long way to help reduce carbon emissions.

But this case must pick up the pace, Philips is estimated to grow as the population explosion, urbanization accelerate and enhance the quality of life, compared with 2006, in 2030, will require an additional 35% of the lighting needs. The 2006 is also the original Philips clarion call to remind facelift when energy-saving lamps. Since that time, the lighting is important to help reduce the carbon footprint due.

The Climate Group has long been in the promotion of the use of LED lights, because this is one of the fastest and most effective method. It can not only reduce carbon emissions but also save large sums of money. Philips estimates that all outdoor lighting into LED facelift will prevent 110 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, and in 2030 to save 21 billion euros (equivalent to about 148.7 billion yuan).

However, to achieve this goal facelift governments to promote policies and exit mechanism for the lowest energy consumption and non-conventional energy-saving lamps are important, in addition to encourage financial institutions to help fund such programs are also important.


At the same time, high-quality communication with the general public is not just lighting energy-saving features are also very important. Modern lighting solutions such as LED lamp can help create a more attractive, more suitable for use in the city and create a more attractive and dynamic living environment.