22000 Lumen High Bay Light for shop factory gym ip54 high bright

22000 Lumen High Bay Light for shop factory gym ip54 high bright

Input voltage AC85~265V/AC95~305V
Working temperature -40~65
LED CREE chips 130lm/w
5 years warranty

Product Details

22000 lumen high bay light,

Product Description,

Light source composition: CREE high-power LED (color temperature can be customized for users)

Beam divergence angle: 30-120° (can be customized for users)

Service life ≥30000 hours

Shell material: metal compression molding

Mask material: high-definition transparent tempered glass

Input voltage: AC220V

Power: 50W-200W (power can be customized according to actual applications)

Humidity range: 0-95%

LED High Bay1

led high bay

22000 lumen high bay light refer to the general term of lamps and lanterns used in the production and operation areas of factories, mines, warehouses, and high-bays. In addition to various lighting lamps used in normal environments,

According to the light source, high bay lights can be divided into traditional light source high bay lights (such as sodium lamp high bay lights, mercury lamp high bay lights, etc.) and LED high bay lights. Compared with traditional high bay lights, LED high bay lights have great advantages:

1.The appearance design is novel, the structure is ingenious, and full of modern flavor, in line with the trend of the times.

2. In terms of heat dissipation, we creatively adopted the air convection cavity aluminum radiator design. The upper and lower heat dissipation surfaces of the radiator are transparent at the front and rear. At the same time, there are air convection holes on the left and right sides to strengthen the air inside the cavity. Circulation is conducive to the discharge of heat, thereby effectively improving the heat conduction efficiency of the LED light source.

3. The above unique heat dissipation design scheme ensures the safe working temperature of the high-power LED light source below 45℃.

4. Adopt unique secondary optical lens module and light output design. The length of the light spot is determined by the light emitting angle of the LED, thereby reasonably controlling the light distribution, avoiding light superimposition and waste, and reducing light loss.

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