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Solar Street Lamp Housing And Reflector Technical Requirements

Solar street lamp housing and reflector technical requirements

1.Lamps and a full set of components by the impact of high-pressure cast aluminum composition

2.High-purity aluminum lamp housing, specially designed by the computer, linear and smooth, uniform curve.

3,high-strength high temperature resistant tempered glass, with a flexible silicone seal, sealing grade of IP65.

4,on the open cover open, with stainless steel buckle.

5,electrostatic spray plastic surface treatment process, anti-ultraviolet radiation, according to the color map.

6,fasteners used in lighting made of stainless steel.

7,lamps with integrated design, electrical cavity and light source chamber.

8,the reflector using high-purity aluminum stretch molding, the anodized polished, the reflectivity requirements ≥ 80%, and within 10 years will not be oxidized.

9,the light-transmissive part of the use of good light, high strength, high temperature, anti-glare enhanced water glass cover.

10,All electrical components are installed in the junction box of solar panels, the controller design life of 20-30 years

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