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What's Going To Be The Future Of Smart LED Lighting?

What's going to be the future of Smart LED Lighting?

An LED street light is an integrated light that uses light emitting diodes (LED) as itslight source. These are considered integrated lights because, in most cases, the luminaireand the fixture are not separate parts (except LED Gine-based luminous). New in manufacturing, the LED light cluster is sealed on a panel and then assembled to the LED panel with a heat sink to become an integrated lighting fixture, street light in our lives become more and more important.

So,  the question is coming, what's going to be the future of smart LED lighting?

In my opinion. the Expressions developed with the technology improvement.more specifically,it determined by the Control Technologies.

Nowadays,smart LED always control by computer,ISO or android and other Smart systems.

In this way,people control it with operation of the intelligent system even if we control it far away from home.

And then, voice controls develops this day and application in more and more scenes. voice control liberates  human being from tools.there is no need to find the function in the cellphone.

If you have other views, we can further exchanges.