3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator
  • 3kw Portable Solar Generator

3kw Portable Solar Generator

1.Solar panel charging,pure sine wave inverter,work without battery,generate power directly from PV to load, more efficiency.
2.Setting the parameters corresponding to home appliances and personal computers via LCD.
3.Configurable AC/solar charging priority set via LCD.
4.Automatic restart when AC power is restored.
5.Overload/overheat/short circuit protection.
6.Smart battery charger design optimizes battery performance.
7.3.6KW MPPT PV input,120-500v wide PV input,lithium battery
8.Support WIFI,mobile APP monitoring.

Product Details

Hybrid Smart Solar System

This is a mulfifunctional inverter/charger/solar system that combines the functions of an inverter, solar charging and battery charging to provide uninterruptible power support. All-in-one design, no need to install, use directly.

Rated Power
Battery voltage24V
Input frequency50HZ/60HZ(auto-detect)
Output waveform
Pure sine wave
Internal battery specification
4*250AH Lead-acid battery
MAX PV power4000W
MPPT Voltage range120 450VDC
Heat dissipation
Intelligent exhaust air control temperature
Product size W*D*H(mm)

3kw portable solar generator (3)

3kw portable solar generator (6)

3kw portable solar generator composition of built-in lead-acid battery, MPPT control inverter.

Solar panel are available.

---Inverter and battery,

Built-in integrated high-capacity battery and MPPT controller-inverter

Service life up to 8 years

Integrated solar energy storage

Cabinet system

No complicated wiring required

Easier and more convenient to use

---Lead-acid battery,

The solar battery energy storage system uses traditional gel batteries for energy storage, which is more stable than lithium batteries and has a lower cost than lithium battery. External batteries can be added according to requirements.

---MPPT control inverter

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 

Touch LCD

Controller,inverter,battery are built-in

Built-in MPPT charger, convenient for follow-up maintenance and management WIFI/GPRS control

More than 10 years warranty

Easy to install and transport,

Integrated solar energy storage cabinet system,

No complicated wiring required,

Easier and more convenient to use,

The solar energy storage cabinet system can be used once connected to the solar panel directly,

Designed with wheels for easy mobility and transport,

The installation position can be adjusted flexibly.


3kw portable solar generator1

3kw portable solar generator (1)

Wiring Diagram,

Simple interface design, easy installation, a variety of output functions to choose from, more convenient to use. Independent research and development of MPPT controller solutions, one-step use.

3kw portable solar generator (5)

Our factory,

3kw portable solar generator2

solar panel (2)

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