5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation
  • 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation
  • 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation
  • 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation
  • 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation
  • 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation

5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation

5000 watt solar panel system
Monocrystalline solar panel 350W * 10pcs
DC Combine Box *1 / 5 inputs 1 output
Hybrid Inverter( Mppt Controller & Inverter) 5000W*1
12V250AH Battery
Other accessories, wire, connector, rooftop mounting brackets
5kw solar panel unit generation used for home

Product Details

5kw solar panel unit generation

Description Of 5kw solar panel unit generation

Solar energy system components,

Solar panel, combiner box, controller, battery, inverter.

Inverter for 5kw solar panel unit generation,

Inverter 720w

5000W Solar panel system configuration

Item No.

Part name




Monocrystalline solar panel 350W

Voltage:36V Weight: 21kgs

Dimension: 1956*992*40mm Application Class: A Warranty: 25 years



DC Combine Box

5 inputs 1 output



Hybrid Inverter( Mppt Controller & Inverter) 5000W

Voltage:AC EU standard,1 phase

Dimension: 386*362*154mm MPPT effiency: 99.5% Weight: 14kgs



Gel Battery




PV Cable

PV 4mm² 100m/roll



MC4 Connector

Rated current: 30A Rated voltage: 1000VDC


7Rooftop Mounting brackets


whole set for 10pcs solar module


Description Of 5kw solar panel unit generationsolar panel system componont

solar panel system

Production Introduction

Yahua-solar system (27)

Solar off-grid power generation system.

Applicantion for 5000 watt solar panel system

solar panel system 2kw (8)

Our factory

Shaanxi Yahua Lighting Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd


Shaanxi Yahua Lighting Electric Equipment Co.,Ltd. established in 2001, which is a professional company specializing in the development,manufacture,sales and installation of solar energy products, including solar outdoor LED lighting products, solar energy system products, solar flood light, solar garden lights, solar lights with light post.

Yahua lighting has set up a professional team of senior engineers and designers and is ready to provide for our customers with high standard LED lights solution and good service.

5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation (1)

outdoor 80w light (4)

solar panel system 2kw (4)

5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation (2) 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation (3)  

5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation (4)

Working principle of 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation,

The household power generation system is generally composed of a photovoltaic array composed of solar cell components, a solar charge and discharge controller, a battery pack, an off-grid inverter, a DC load and an AC load for 5kw Solar Panel Unit Generation. If the output power is AC 220V or 110V, an inverter is also required. The photovoltaic square array converts solar energy into electric energy under the condition of illumination, supplies power to the load through the solar charge and discharge controller, and charges the battery pack at the same time; when there is no light, the battery pack supplies power to the DC load through the solar charge and discharge controller, At the same time, the battery also needs to directly supply power to the independent inverter, which is converted into alternating current through the independent inverter to supply power to the alternating current load.

The solar panel made of semiconductor is illuminated by the sun to produce the "photovoltaic effect", which can also be said to be the photovoltaic effect, so that the light is directly converted into electricity (specifically how the light inside the semiconductor is converted into electricity, I don't know much about it). Understood, science students should all know), the electricity can be generated, the next step is to connect the controller, its main function is to control the transitional charging or discharging of the battery board, which will affect the service life of the battery board, and the electricity at this time is still direct current. , If you supply DC load, you can use it directly, but basically all households use AC power, so you need to install an inverter at this time, its function is to convert DC power into AC power, Ok, next is the distribution box and the like other components, and then it can be used for home power.

In the solar power generation system, solar cell (photovoltaic) components and energy storage batteries generate and store energy for the power supply system, and the DC combiner box and grid-connected inverter are the control and protection systems, which make the power generation of photovoltaic modules controllable and ensure their normal operation. . Solar cell (photovoltaic) modules. Also known as photovoltaic cell, it is an energy converter for solar photovoltaic power generation.

The principle is the photovoltaic effect, that is, when sunlight shines on the solar cell, the cell absorbs light energy and generates photo-generated electron-hole pairs; under the action of the built-in electric field of the cell, the photo-generated electrons and holes are separated, and the cell The accumulation of opposite-sex charges occurs at both ends, that is, a "photo-generated voltage" is generated; if the electrodes are drawn on both sides of the built-in electric field and the load is connected, the load will have a "photo-generated current" flowing, thereby obtaining power output; the light energy of the sun directly into usable electricity. At the same temperature, the greater the light intensity, the greater the open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current of the solar panel, and the greater the maximum output power. Monolithic solar cells cannot be used directly as a power source, and several monolithic cells must be connected in series or in parallel and packaged into components.

DC combiner box. It is a wiring device that ensures the orderly connection and confluence function of photovoltaic modules. The combiner box is composed of the box body, DC circuit breaker, DC fuse, anti-reverse diode, data acquisition module, protection unit, man-machine interface and other main parts. It is used to reduce the connection between the photovoltaic array and the inverter, optimize the system structure, and improve reliability and maintainability. At the same time of confluence lightning protection, it also monitors the operation status of solar cell (photovoltaic) modules, current, voltage, power after confluence, lightning arrester status, DC circuit breaker status collection, relay contact output and other functions, with wind speed, temperature, The sensor interface such as irradiator, and the standard data interface upload the measured and collected data to the monitoring system.

Open the grid inverter. The inverter is a power adjustment device composed of semiconductor devices, which is composed of a boost circuit and an inverter bridge circuit, and is mainly used to convert direct current into alternating current. The boost circuit boosts the DC voltage of the solar cell to the DC voltage required for the inverter output control; the inverter bridge circuit converts the boosted DC voltage into an AC voltage with a common frequency equivalently. The inverter is mainly composed of switching elements such as transistors. By regularly switching the switching elements repeatedly, the output of DC power is changed to AC power. - Generally, it is necessary to use high-frequency pulse width modulation to narrow the voltage width near the two ends of the sine wave, widen the voltage width in the center of the sine wave, and always make the switching element move in the - direction at a certain frequency during the half cycle, so that A pulse wave train (quasi-sine wave), then pass the pulse wave through a simple filter to form a sine wave. The grid-connected inverter not only has the function of DC to AC conversion, but also has functions such as automatic operation and shutdown, and maximum power tracking control.

Energy storage battery. It is a chemical power source whose charging and discharging process is a reversible chemical reaction. Taking lead-acid batteries as an example, the mutual conversion of electrical energy and chemical energy is achieved by the chemical reaction between the active material on the plate and the sulfuric acid in the electrolyte. When the battery is connected to an external load, the battery generates flow through the chemical reaction between the two positive and negative plates immersed in the electrolyte, this current drives the external load, converts chemical energy into electrical energy, and uses a charging device to add DC voltage to On the battery, when this voltage is higher than the battery voltage, current flows from the positive electrode of the battery and flows out from the negative electrode. At this time, an electrochemical reaction occurs inside the battery, thereby converting electrical energy into chemical energy.

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