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Bank in the use of led panel lighting requirements

Banks as a high-end financial services company, the use of LED panel lighting products not only to consider to create a comfortable, green lighting environment, so that the customers feel comfortable and comfortable, but also need to highlight the high-end brand image.

Then we come to the bank room to do a detailed analysis of different regions.

1. Front-end, just enter the bank building customers, according to the prospects of what they see and feel, the banks can provide the value of the financial business to make an evaluation. Therefore, the front of the atmosphere not only need enthusiasm, but also to reflect the bank's work style and brand value. Ordinary lighting is the use of circular embedded LED panel lights, four rows of six columns of the average distribution. In the front reception area, using a long strip 1200x300LED flat light. Counter the ground direction, embedded LED light bar. The use of these lamps, highlighting the bank's brand positioning.

2. corridors, corridors are connected inside and outside the channel, also used to display information, enhance corporate image. The corridor is empty for most of the time and does not require light, but if someone walks, there must be plenty of light. Therefore, in order to avoid waste of energy, you can use the sensor with the LED panel lights, pedestrians walk in the corridor before the sensor sensor to someone over, first turn on the lighting fixtures. When the personnel leave, the lights automatically turn off.

3. Conference room, meeting room will generally need to be more than statements, and sometimes there will be PPT presentation, therefore, conference room lighting design, the need for maximum flexibility and visual comfort. This site can be used with DALI dimming power LED panel lights. DALI dimming function of the LED panel lights, each lights are their own separate address data, can be controlled through the system of individual or group control. Whether dimming or switching lights, the user can do control freely.

4. Open office, the appropriate office area lighting, can help employees better improve work efficiency. Good anti-glare control and color consistency, will create a better office atmosphere, when employees in this atmosphere in the office, the efficiency will be raised even higher. LED flat lamp to ensure illumination at the same time, good glare control, even soft light, is the best open with office space.

5. Leadership office, single office and open office, in addition to the need for adequate light in-phase, but also pay more attention to personal taste. The use of LED flat light as lighting, modeling simple and generous, rich sense of science and technology, while environmental health. Our lamps, not only from the light of people's visual pleasure, and, our lamps no flicker, and can make people in the light under the eyes more harmless and healthier.