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common street light source and its characteristics

Commonly used street light source mainly fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium lamp, low pressure sodium lamp, metal halide lamp and so on. In recent years, with the successful development of high-power LED, the new energy-saving light source LED also attracted wide attention.

Ordinary fluorescent lamps provide more green light, about 50%, the rest are mostly red and blue, respectively, about 25% of the total spectrum, far red spectrum ratio is very low. Fluorescent light luminous efficiency is high, long life (about 12000h), but the power is small (currently used in both 28W and 36W), to meet a certain degree of light required lighting. Because it contains a lot of green, easy to cause crop leggy

A metal halide lamp is a gaseous light source that emits an arc of mercury and a rare metal halide vapor to produce an arc. Can exhibit different spectra by changing the composition of the metal halide. Its high luminous efficiency, power, long life (5000h ~ 20000h). But there are mercury in the filler in the lamp, and when the lamp is damaged or destroyed, it will pollute the environment

Environmental protection. LED is a solid light source, mercury and other harmful substances, in the installation and use will not cause pollution, the waste can also be recycled. LED light source is environmentally friendly green light source.

long life. LED is a solid light source, there is no loose part of the inside, there is no glass, filament and other vulnerable and easy to burn parts, mechanical strength, vibration resistance, impact resistance, life of up to 50000h or more.