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Do home solar power systems require maintenance?

Over time, solar panels can build up dust, and wind and sunlight can cause damage to the system, which can affect the performance of solar power systems. So we need to maintain home solar power systems regularly. Properly installed, quality solar power systems should operate smoothly for many years. But regular maintenance can help ensure that your system is operating safely and efficiently. Because we must pay attention to the maintenance of solar power systems.

Therefore, it is convenient for you to maintain the solar power system regularly. We summarize the following three aspects:

solar power system 1

1. The appearance inspection should be carried out first. We always check the components of the power generation system for appearance defects.

a) Observe whether the component glass is damaged;

b) Observe the surface of the contact component to see if there is a sharp object;

c) Check whether there are obstacles around the components;

d) Observe whether there is corrosion near the grid line of the battery. This situation should be paid special attention to, this is because in the process of installation or transportation, the surface packaging material is damaged, resulting in moisture penetration.

e) Observe whether the backplane of the component is damaged;

f) Focus on checking the screws, and check whether the screws fixed between the components and the support are loose. If there is loosening, we must pay attention to it and repair it in time.

solar power system 2

2. The home solar power systems should be cleaned on time.

a) We should clean the power generation system on time. Because dust and dirt on the surface of the components can reduce the output of the power generation system, we should carry out regular cleaning work at least once a year. If the site installation conditions are poor, cleaning should be done more frequently. When cleaning the power generation system, we must use a soft cloth. And do not use mineral-containing water to clean the power generation system to avoid leaving stains on the glass surface.

b) Use a soft cloth and do not use rough surface materials for cleaning work.

c) For areas with high temperatures, we suggest cleaning photovoltaic modules in the early morning or evening, because the temperature is low and the light is not strong, which is convenient for cleaning work. This will help avoid electric shocks or burns.

d) When the glass is broken and the wires are exposed, do not clean them because of the risk of electric shock.

solar power system 3

3. Check connectors and cables in time, preferably every six months.

a) We should always check the sealant of the junction box to ensure that there are no cracks and gaps.

b) Check photovoltaic modules for signs of aging. Check that the components are properly grounded. Avoid the corrosion phenomenon caused by animal damage and bad climate. And don't overlook whether all connectors are tightly connected.

Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of home solar power systems fires. To avoid accidents, solar panels must be installed by licensed installers and properly maintained by professionals.