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LED high bay light energy saving and green environmental protection

LED high bay industrial lamp saves power, power consumption is only one-fifth of ordinary sodium lamp. On the contrary, the application of the luminous brightness (du), LED high bay lamp can accept 80% of the power, in particular the proposed national proposed green low-carbon "LED factory lamp without line connector, with excellent explosion-proof function, all kinds of flammable and explosive Of the mining environment can be used safely, lampshades and other light body shell made of high-quality aluminum alloy plate made with a good rust seems to be function, suitable for use in the harsh chemical environment, according to LED industry lamp demand temporarily There is no continuous use of the characteristics of the use of transparent structure, the cooling of the lamp body to play a good role, adding the useful life of mining lamps.

     And mining, workshops, factories, warehouses and large supermarkets and other indoor lighting is not a good place to work, such as shipyards, toll stations, gas stations, construction sites, stadiums and other places need to stop working at night. Often see high-power LED mining lamp figure, LED warehouse light LED white light to do light source, shell users can choose according to their own needs, the main shell material is aluminum alloy profiles.