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What are the different types of solar power systems

The solar power generation system is generally divided into four types: On-grid solar power generation system, Off-grid solar power system, hybrid solar energy storage system, and grid-connected energy storage systems according to different applications.

solar system

1. On-grid solar power system

The solar photovoltaic on-grid connection system consists of solar photovoltaic panels, solar grid-connected inverters, photovoltaic meters, loads, two-way meters, grid cabinets, and grids. The solar panel are supplied to the power supply load and sent to the power grid by the transition of the DC electricity transition of the inverter. There are two main on-grid solar power systems, one is "spontaneous use, the surplus power access", and the other is "full Internet access".

Generally, the distributed solar power generation system mainly adopts the "spontaneous self-use, residual power access" mode, and the electricity generated by solar cells prioritizes the load. When the loa is not completed, the excess transmission is into the power grid. When the supply load is not enough, the power grid and the power grid, the solar system can power the load at the same time.

on grid solar system

2. Off Grid Solar Power System

It does not rely on the grid of the network solar photovoltaic power generation system to operate independently. It is generally used in remote mountainous areas, power areas, islands, communication base stations, and street lights. The system is generally composed of solar panels, solar controllers, inverters, batteries, loads, etc. With the sunshine of the network power generation system, the solar energy is converted to electrical energy, and the load supply is powered by the solar control inverter all-in-one, and the battery is charged. When the sunshine is not illuminated, the battery is powered by the battery through the inverter.

For power-free or frequent power outage areas, the practicality is very strong.

off grid solar

3. The hybrid solar energy storage system

It is widely used in Hybrid solar energy storage systems to be used in frequent power outages, or photovoltaic spontaneous self-use cannot survive the Internet, and the price of self-use electricity is much more expensive than the price of electricity.

The system is composed of solar panels, solar energy with network machines, batteries, and loads. The solar photovoltaic array converts solar energy to electrical energy when the light is light, and powers the load through the solar control inverter all-in-one while charging the battery; when the light is not illuminated, the battery is powered by the battery Power supply.

Compared with the grid-connected power generation system, the system increases the charging and discharge controller and battery. When the power grid is lowered, the photovoltaic system can continue to work. The inverter can be switched to the network work mode to supply the load.

hybrid solar system

4. Grid-connected energy storage system

The grid-connected energy storage system can store excess power generation and increase the proportion of self-use. The system consists of solar panels, solar controllers, batteries, a grid-connected inverter, a current detection device, a load, etc. When the solar power is less than the load power, the system is powered by solar energy and the power grid. When the solar power is greater than the load power, the solar energy is partially powered by the load, and part of the controller uses incomplete power storage.

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