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Why is the all in one solar street light market so hot?

1. What is all in one solar street light?

Solar street light is an emerging environmental protection product. With the increasing scarcity of earth's resources, high investment costs in basic energy, and various safety and pollution hazards everywhere, solar energy as an "inexhaustible, inexhaustible" new environmentally friendly energy is gaining more and more attention. At the same time, also with the development of solar photovoltaic technology and progress, solar power in the field of street lighting development has become increasingly perfect.

Various countries on energy saving and emission reduction and green environmental protection requirements are getting higher and higher, and more and more cities and rural areas are vigorously promoting lights as road lighting facilities.

The all-in-one solar street light is an integrated light (also called solar integrated street light/courtyard light) with high efficient solar panel, long life lithium battery, high luminous efficiency imported LED, and an intelligent controller, as well as PIR human sensor module, anti-theft mounting bracket, etc. concentrated in one. The advantage of integrated street lights is simple installation and lightweight.

all in one solar street light

solar street light

2. Why are all-in-one solar street lights so popular?

All-in-one solar integrated street lights are so popular mainly because they have several advantages, as follows.

(1) Green Energy Saving

The biggest advantage of solar-integrated streetlights is that they save energy, which is why the public is more willing to accept this new product. This is because solar energy is converted into electricity to achieve lighting, which can help protect the environment and reduce the waste of resources. Making full use of solar energy resources has positive implications for alleviating the conventional energy tension.

(2) Cost saving

After the installation, in the future use, there is no need to consume external electricity, he only needs to convert the thermal energy of solar energy into electricity needed for power generation, so it will save a lot of electricity costs.

(3) Easy and convenient installation

The installation is simple and convenient, no need to do a lot of foundation work such as laying cables like ordinary street lights, only a need to have a base fixed, all the wiring and control parts are placed in the light frame, forming a whole.

Why are all-in-one solar street lights so popular

(4) Safe, stable and reliable

There are many urban street lights with hidden problems, some because the construction quality is not up to standard, some because of aging materials, or power supply failure, etc., while the courtyard light is a product that does not require the use of alternating current, its use is able to absorb solar energy, and will automatically convert it into the required high-tech battery, with a very high safety performance.

(5) Durable and practical

In fact, the quality of many electric street lights is not good, because of the long-term exposure to the air, the wind, and bad weather, so its wiring and lampshades, and even bulbs will be affected to a large extent. And now courtyard light, solar cells are used to ensure that the performance of the good technology used for more than 10 years will not reduce the production of some good quality solar modules that can even generate electricity for more than 25 years.

(6) Low maintenance cost

The lights use solar power, except for rainy days converted to utility power will produce a small part of the cost of electricity, operating costs are almost zero. The whole system operation is automatically controlled, without human intervention, and almost no maintenance costs are incurred.

3. Where are all-in-one solar streetlights suitable for use?

(1) Rural areas

Rural areas are very suitable for the application of solar lights. Some rural areas have harsh environmental conditions and complex terrain conditions, so unlike the centralized energy supply in cities, energy use is more decentralized. In some rural areas environment to set up power grids laying cables and other facilities is not only high cost, more likely to cause a waste of resources. And solar street lights are simple to install, long service life, no maintenance within five years, so integrated courtyard lights are suitable for application in rural areas.

(2) Highways and city roads

These lights can be installed on highways and remote roads where there is no electricity. Integrated solar streetlights provide a clear view for pedestrians and drivers on the road. The high brightness of the solar lighting system not only beautifies urban areas at night but also does not cause environmental pollution.

(3) Park, residential square, and stadium lighting

Integrated solar streetlights meet the lighting needs of parks, squares, and stadiums, and they help illuminate building signs, paths, and parking lots. Because they do not have to be connected to the grid, they can be installed anywhere lighting is needed. These lights provide security for residents after dark and facilitate their safety at night. Since people also play some sports games or outdoor activities at night, the lights can be widely installed in stadiums or playgrounds.

Where are all-in-one solar streetlights suitable for use

(4) Industrial Park Lighting

The lithium battery in courtyard lights can convert solar energy into electrical energy stored in the battery system, which can illuminate continuously for several days. Generally, industrial parks are large and the factories need a lot of electricity to provide lighting for workers' outdoor operations at night. When installing these solar street lights, there is no need to connect to the power grid or lay cables, and maintenance costs are reduced.

The advantages will certainly make it become the best choice of outdoor lighting products, and now the technology is still in continuous improvement, and people's lives will continue to be enriched by these high-tech products.