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240W LED Street Lighting Big Project Pass Acceptance Inspection

Yahua lighting finished High Power LED Street Light 240w With 4 lanes, 2 directions, 25m pole spacing,mounting height of 10m, Yahua lighting successfully won the bid with its own strong technical ability, good product quality, excellent after-sale service and advanced operation system. This project mainly involves in new road lighting instruction including road base foundation, wiring, electricity, install light pole and led street lamp. All projection LED street lamp and light poles are produced by our Yahua lighting factory .

Strict requirements in company qualification, lamp technology, light source technology, etc are demanded for this program.

According to the introduction from street light management department, LED has the advantages of pollution-free, little electricity consumption, high light efficiency, long lifetime,etc.The led lamp project means much to energy saving of city lighting and improve the safety and comfortness when driving on Shaanxi,Xi'an 

Meanwhile, customers are also satisfied with the flat-plate design, excellent heat dissipation design, patented asymmetrical light distribution system, easy mounting and maintenance, etc.They are very confident that there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future.

The LED Street Lights using in this High Power LED Street Light and HPS street light Retrofit Light Project:

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