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Hot Sale Module Type LED Street Light

As the early high-power LED lamps and more integrated design, that is, light shell and LED devices bonded together and enclosed in the glass, which makes maintenance extremely difficult, but also affect the overall life of the lamp, can not meet the LED technology Of the development, can not be standardized.

Street light source module is to solve these practical problems of the main program. LED lights are becoming the mainstream of enterprise production solutions.

Modular to remove with easy assembly, maintenance, replacement and other excellent features. 

Yahua lighting is a professional engaged in the LED street product development, production and sales in one of the high-tech enterprises, the company responsible person, "Our self-developed LED module lights life of up to 100,000 hours, Greater than 150lm / W, color rendering index greater than 70Ra, the optional color temperature 2700-7000K, light - emitting angle of 85 ° * 135 °.

From a technical point of view, LED lighting products itself attaches great importance to functional research and development, is a standardized product that is the replacement of LED lighting products, the necessary conditions for traditional lighting.

The highlight of this product is a reasonable lens structure, because of its surface shape like a saddle-shaped, so that through the adjacent sections of the smooth surface of the light irradiation areas overlap each other, making the spot more uniform, good lighting.

LED module lights products have been sold in the world use, and has been recognized by customers, the following is part of the customer evaluation of LED moudle street light:

1, the product of high luminous efficiency, economic energy, meet the design requirements;

2, the product cost-effective, superior performance, energy-saving effect is obvious;

3, lamps with light effect is superior, in line with road lighting standards, superior configuration;

4, modular structure design, product power configuration free to facilitate the matching requirements of the scene lighting power;

5, one lens design, the module waterproof effect;

6, the light source module and driving electrical separation, to avoid mutual interference;

7, the cooling material for the aluminum alloy, real wood is expected, inexpensive;

8, lamp installation convenience, easy maintenance, simple operation

9, the product configuration is high, stable performance, value for money;

10, the product surface treatment performance, to meet the special environment, salt spray resistance