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LED Flood Lights Advantage Compare To Traditional HID Lamp

LED flood lights advantage compare to traditional HID lamp

LED is a semiconductor light emitting technology. The earliest development of the LED can only be red, used in electronic equipment. With the development of technology, LED lighting has been able to issue a variety of colors of light, and widely used in many industries, the main application market, including traditional display and signal market, backlight market, street lamps, tunnel lights, automotive lighting market, outdoor landscape Lighting and interior lighting market, special lighting market. LED flood lights have their unique advantages.

1.Reduce the construction costs of the distribution system (cables, transformers, distribution boxes, bridges, etc.), long tunnels, long-distance power supply, cables, power distribution facilities, the cost ratio is particularly large, the use of LED flood lights due to energy saving can greatly reduce the cable And investment in power distribution equipment.

2.LED flood light energy saving, compared with the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, its energy savings of more than 40%.

3.LED flood lamp can achieve real-time start, easy to adjust the brightness, flicker-free, wide range of start-up voltage, can achieve a variety of energy-saving methods, such as roads, tunnel traffic control and other intelligent lighting.

4.LED floodlights high reliability, daily maintenance and repair costs are low, MTBF up to 20,000 hours, high pressure sodium lamp and fluorescent tube MTBF less than 10,000 hours