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LED High Bay Industrial Warehouse Light General Installation Distance

LED high bay industrial lights high efficiency, more energy saving compare traditional halogen lamp. In addition to the usual environment in the use of a variety of lights, there are special environments in the use of explosion-proof lights and anti-corrosion lights, as well as LED high bay lights for some large high-rise buildings The

LED mining lamp according to the light source can be divided into traditional light source industrial lamp (such as sodium lamp, mercury lamp) and LED industrial lamp.

     LED highbay light 50W Recommended installation height: 3m Installation distance: 3-6m

      90W Recommended installation height: 4m Installation distance: 6m

      120W-150w Recommended installation height: 5m Installation distance: 6-8m

       200W Recommended installation height: 7m Installation distance: 9-10m

       300W Recommended installation height: 8m Installation spacing:10+m


     LED industrial high bay lamp and drive power must be installed in an empty position, is conducive to heat, to regularly clean up the LED mining lamp and drive the power of dust, to ensure good heat dissipation.

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