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LED Street Light Replacement

With the rapid development of LED lighting and energy-saving emission reduction background, more and more cities will be replaced by LED lighting products, street lights out of business opportunities began to shape, is expected to the number of global street lamps in 2025 will reach 350 million Light. Recently, which cities have opened LED lights to install the project?

    Montreal, Canada, 132,000 street lights will be transformed into LED lights

It is reported that Montreal, Canada, the municipal government will be its 132,000 street lamps into LED products, the light source to make a decision.

Montreal City has plans to replace incandescent bulbs into cheaper, more energy-efficient LED lighting products (4000K). However, taking into account the high color temperature may bring health problems, the city people objected to this. Many people like Toronto and Chicago 3000K light source products.

  Montreal Mayor said that despite the municipal government has not yet made a decision, but now give up the 4000K voice is high. It is reported that once the use of which color temperature-based products, Montreal may be large-scale project bidding.