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LED Lights At Night To Reduce The Brightness Of The UK Carbon Reduction Correct Save Cost

Hartford County, north of London, the UK will begin to adjust the brightness of lights, further savings. In the past year, Hartford County, has been gradually reduced many costs provinces. Now government agencies and think about new ways to save money, in the middle of the night by lowering the brightness of LED lights to save money.


This "dimming lights and enable to reduce the number of" With the first batch of test plan will enable the LED lights start running. This program focuses on some areas during the night to reduce the brightness of lights, street lighting and shorten the time. Existing street at 11 o'clock at night to 6 am has been lowered to 25% brightness.


LED lights not only than the traditional high-pressure sodium lights reduce carbon emissions, but also help the government to achieve the goal of carbon emission tax. Reduce the brightness of lights will be able to further reduce energy consumption by 25%, with a few minutes a day to reduce the operation time after the sand into the tower, a year can save approximately 92 hours of lighting hours