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Yahua Lighting LED Plant Grow Light

Yahua lighting LED plant grow light

LED lighting cultivation more harmful to health

With the continuous expansion in LED lighting, lighting plants in the field have a place, and gradually applied to various fields of agricultural crop production, fruit and vegetable cultivation, flower cultivation and so on. Although the application is less than the size of an ordinary commercial lighting or home lighting as widely, but the lighting of plants as a special field of application of LED, because of their superiority, gradually recognized by the market, the market demand growing

Plant grow light subvert the traditional agricultural methods

t is reported that, according to the technical plant of different spectra, "Preferences", select the appropriate LED lamps to replace the sun as a light source, light 24 hours a day, the temperature can be within the Plant Factory, humidity, light, air, and carbon dioxide concentration of the nutrient solution and other environmental factors for real-time automatic monitoring to ensure maximum effect of photosynthesis. Compared with the traditional cropping patterns, high utilization of their land and effortless operation, high degree of mechanization, pollution-free product safety, nutritional value greatly improved, at present the research results at home and abroad Horticulture engineering field has been an important influence. With advances in technology, the use of LED light in space to grow some plants have very efficient.

In fact, due to the low temperature LED lamps can be placed in the best position from the plant closer, so you can ensure that all parts of the plant have been exactly the same illuminance. This approach to eliminate the harmful pesticides, fertilizers and preservatives used to make an organic increase yield, and almost no chemical added, with the modern pursuit of high-quality green and healthy life purpose coincide. Furthermore, control of indoor cultivation by the LED light source can make a 50% reduction compared to the traditional way of the growth cycle of a plant. This means that consumers enjoy locally grown fresh crops year-round dream became possible.