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LED Street Light Will Replace The Traditional Road Lights

 LED street light will replace the traditional road lights

What is LED street light?

LED light source (LED Emitting Diode) as the light source of road lighting, known as LED lights, the core is the LED light source (by many high-power white LED through mixed connection). High efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection and long life characteristics such as led with, so the LED light source can be the first application in road and tunnel lighting.

LED street lamp performance advantages of what?

First, long life. Traditional road lighting is high pressure sodium lamp, high-power LED's life is generally up to 5 to 7 million hours, while the general life of high pressure sodium lamp is about 20,000 hours, road lighting with high pressure sodium lamp life of only 5000 hours. LED light source life and drive circuit life together determine the life of LED lights, led life is not equal to LED lamp life, but from the current technical level, LED lamp life can be more than the traditional high pressure sodium lamp life.

Second, high light efficiency, low power consumption. LED street light, because of its good direction, the general efficiency of light up to 80% or more; and the traditional street light efficiency is generally only 65% to 70%. In addition, LED lights from 0% to 100% range of control dimming, and high pressure sodium lamp street lighting uniformity is very poor.

Third, high color rendering. High color rendering helps traffic and pedestrians better identify the target, in the same road brightness conditions better traffic conditions. The traditional high pressure sodium lamp color rendering index Ra is only about 20, LED street lamp color rendering index up to 80 or so.

Fourth, fast response. High-pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp and so on need tens of seconds or even very time, need to wait 3 to 6 minutes to restart cooling. The LED starts only a few tens of sodium seconds (ns), do not wait for immediate restart, LED lamps can be in a continuous on / off state.

Fifth, low-carbon, environmental protection, health. LED for the use of wind and solar photovoltaic technology and complementary technologies used in the road, the real energy saving and environmental protection. At the same time, LED lights do not contain mercury and lead and other harmful substances, but also recyclable, no pollution to the environment.

Second, LED lights are also potentially low total cost, solid structure, modeling plasticity and other advantages.

LED lights in all respects there is a great advantage in the development of the country several times in recent years the development of LED street lamp standards, and gradually standardize its standards. Government policy support and financial assistance, can predict the development of LED lights will only get better and better, and the speed will be very fast.

LED lights will now become the best choice for road lighting energy-saving transformation.

LED lighting products currently on the market a very wide range of applications, home lighting, landscape lighting, outdoor lighting, road lighting, etc., which road lighting and national production and living and development are closely related to become a national and urban development planning The LED street lamp plays an important role in the urban road lighting, because of its high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, long life, easy maintenance and other significant features, especially with the acceleration of urbanization in China. Can be seen that the development of new energy-saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, long life, high color rendering index of LED lights on the city's energy-saving lighting has a very important significance!