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solar LED Street Lights Advantage And Maintenance Methods.

Solar LED street lights as green lamps, in many ways have a relatively large advantage.

1. Solar street lamp voltage is very small, so when used, there is sufficient security, 12V voltage can be issued light, but will not cause human damage.

2, solar LED street lamp using solar panels, not only save the city electricity, but also the full use of the advantages of new energy.

3, Solar street light installation is simple, and the use of automated control, only need to set a good automated operation mode in advance, it can automatically run normally, thus reducing the maintenance and testing steps.

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What should I do with the maintenance of solar LED lights?

1, the stage of inspection soalr LED street lamp lamp use is normal, with or without the phenomenon of damage.

2, check the battery is intact whether there is water seepage occurred.

3, check the lamp body is not the case of leakage damage.

4, pay attention to do waterproof on, especially the battery and LED lights lamp.

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