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What Is The Standard Of High Quality Led Street Lamp?

LED street lamp technology standard LED street lamp is divided into four blocks, LED street lamp with light, LED street lamp cooling structure,LED street light, LED street lamp driver

1. The light distribution characteristics Some of the lamps in the LED bulb is off or the whole light dimming, the light spot shape and uniformity of the road should not be significantly changed. Currently used to the best is eccentric light distribution.

2. light effect: The higher the better the light efficiency, the world has appeared on the lighting effect of the entire light 110lm / w, is currently the best standard.

3. the actual power consumption and the rated power of the difference should not exceed 10%, the power factor should not be less than 0.95.

4. For the moment, IP67 is the highest standard of street lighting.

5. the average life expectancy of the rated life of LED lights should not be less than 50000h.

6. the maximum temperature LED street lamp rated maximum temperature Tc value should not be greater than 58 ℃.

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