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The Characteristics Of Solar LED Street Lights

What are the characteristics of solar LED street lights?

1, using a single high-power LED (30W-100W) encapsulated with independent intellectual property as a light source, the use of unique multi-chip integrated single-module light source design, selection of imported high brightness chip;

2, the first radiator and lamp shell integrated design, LED and shell are closely linked directly through the shell heat sink and air convection cooling, fully guaranteed the life of LED lights 50,000 hours.

3, the surface of the lamp was anti-UV anti-corrosion treatment, high temperature silicone foam sealing, effective dust and water, the overall lighting protection to IP65 level;

4, no adverse glare, no flicker. Eliminates the glare caused by the adverse glare of ordinary street lamps, visual fatigue and line of sight interference, improve driving safety;

5, green and pollution-free: no lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the environment does not have any pollution;

6, combined with solar energy is a perfect partner, give full play to the work of LED DC low voltage and the advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, solar photovoltaic panels and LED light source combination.

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