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What Are The Features LED High Bay Light?

LED High Bay Light Product Features

1. Using LED flat integrated light source, small thermal resistance, low temperature rise, the lamp shell is part of the radiator, direct thermal conductivity.

2. LED mining lamp using a wide voltage design, voltage fluctuations in the total lamp body power basically unchanged, to avoid strobe, protect the stability of the use of lighting the environment.

3. Do not suck dust, no mosquitoes, eliminating the need to regularly clean the lamp body trouble.

4. Compared with the traditional halogen and high-pressure sodium lamp, using LED flat integrated light source pollution-free materials and infrared radiation to create a healthy and comfortable working environment.

5. Make full use of LED instant start advantages, large-scale use of LED high bay light at the moment to start lighting, improve work efficiency

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201708311554296892960.jpg 30w highbay light


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Scope of application:

Mainly used in warehouses, supermarkets, large workshops, steel mills, shipyards, large machinery factories, metal workshops, warehouses, road toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls, stadiums, car waiting rooms, railway station waiting room and Other places that require high spatial lighting