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Comparison of solar street lights and ordinary HPS sodium street lamps

Comparison of solar street lights and ordinary street lamps

1,the working principle of comparison

LED is a light-emitting diode, is a power can be directly converted into visible light solid-state semiconductor devices. LED solid-state package, are cold light source type. So it is easy to transport and install

The electrodeless lamp consists of a high frequency generator, a coupler and a light bulb. It is through the high-frequency generator of the electromagnetic field in an inductive way coupled to the lamp, the bulb gas avalanche ionization, the formation of plasma. When the plasma excited atoms return to the ground state, they emit ultraviolet light. The phosphor inside the bulb is excited by ultraviolet light to produce visible light. The actual product efficiency of about 65m / W, can not reach the luminous efficiency of sodium lamp.

2, safety performance comparison

12V low voltage power supply, no security risks using 220V AC, the line security has more stringent requirements, the longer the use of time, the higher the security risks

3, the service life comparison

Solar panels life of 25 years, the light source life of up to 100,000 hours, colloidal batteries for 5-8 years, the design life of the lamp is 10,000 hours

4, energy saving and environmental protection contrast

The most important features of the use of solar energy self-sufficiency energy-saving; no harmful substances, no pollution; LED light without flicker, light intensity and stability of low-frequency electrodeless lamp parts factory rarely, the corresponding high price; high frequency electrodeless lamp built-in electromagnetic generator 2. 65mHz Oscillation frequency, easy to produce bad magnetic field caused by electromagnetic interference, it has been disabled in Western countries

5, installation and maintenance contrast

Independent installation and commissioning is not limited by the cable; allow free replacement of the use of location; can set a single streetlight lighting time, no additional investment can be achieved automatically control; post-maintenance simple and convenient