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Do Solar Lights Need to be Charged?

The solar lamp uses the light energy of the sun to convert electric energy to illuminate the lamps. Therefore, the condition must be that the sun can charge the battery, so that the battery has electricity to supply the lamp for lighting.

So will solar lights have any effect on rainy and snowy days? Solar light systems are generally composed of solar panels, batteries, controllers, and lamps, and the battery is the most critical part of the power storage function. For these four components, will they be affected by temperature, rain, and snow? The answer is yes.

Why? Because the solar panel is made of PN junction semiconductor laminate, and its illuminated surface is tempered glass to absorb light energy, so if there is no sunlight, the light energy will disappear or weaken, and the weakening or disappearing will affect the charging efficiency. Reduced efficiency will shorten the lighting time of the solar lights. So if it is snowing and the snow covers the solar panels, will it affect charging? Of course it will affect, because the solar panel is the main component that absorbs light energy and ultraviolet light. If it is covered by snow, it will block the sunlight from illuminating the solar panel.Secondly, the battery will also be frozen, which makes charging and discharging difficult. Because the chemical substances in the battery are frozen by the low-pressure temperature, the chemical substances in the battery can't move, so there is no way to charge and discharge, so the lamp will not turn on.

In fact, this is the same as the principle of thermal expansion and contraction.

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