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How to install integrated solar lights?

all in one solar lamp Installation Notes :

1. Choose the best place to light cloth light pole, light pole should use 3-6m, diameter 50-90mm, wall thickness greater than 2.0mm iron or steel.

2. Before opening the packaging, please check whether the parts are complete.

3. When installing the product with the utility type, the cable should be pre-installed in the light pole, and the cable is introduced at the side of the pole at the top of the pole. In the case of confirming the power supply is disconnected, connect the cable to the lamp input line and pay attention to the identification of the power input line. And then carefully wrapped with waterproof electrician tape properly (this step only with the mains compensation products).

4. Insert the key into the electronic keyhole, turn it clockwise to the green point, and pull out the key.

5. The lamp into the light pole, the use of special tools to fasten the anti-theft screws to ensure that the lamp can be stable.

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