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Green energy Solar street light has been widely used

In today's big cities, whether you are walking on the road route, or go to tourist attractions or go to the factory to work, you can now be seen everywhere new type of solar lights. Solar street light has been widely used. Compared with the previous conventional power street lighting, the street lighting without utility power, it is the use of solar-powered, do not pay any electricity, in addition, it also has the following features:

1, energy-saving and environmental protection, with the continuous development of new energy and use of solar energy as a new type of environmentally friendly energy is widely used. It does not require any machine drive, use the unlimited energy of nature. This advantage is the use of solar cells, solar power storage battery based on photovoltaic solar energy into electrical energy, this energy is derived from nature, use without any restrictions, does not produce any pollution, energy-saving and environmental protection.

 2, safe and convenient, solar lights only use the DC power supply, without laying any cables, installation is relatively simple; do not like the way power street lighting, construction of overhead wires digging in the ground, the lights lighthouse made of steel quality, surface sprayed with plastic, solar cells is the use of special anti-theft screws, so the safety performance is good, it does not produce any accident.

3, long life, low cost, solar street lighting uses high LED lights, high technology, used in the charge and discharge controller and accessories are also from international brands, intelligent design, the guarantee of quality, so it's relatively long life; because of this street is the use of solar power, without any electricity, no need to lay any cables, the cost is relatively low, less investment, only an investment, they can benefit from long-term.