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What causes solar LED lights easy bad?

What causes solar LED lights easy bad?

As society continues to advocate environmental protection, low-carbon, energy-efficient living, and people began to slowly enhance environmental awareness. And solar energy has also been popular, solar energy as an renewable security and environmental protection new energy. Solar street light has also made a contribution, and therefore solar street lights began slowly with its position in the market today, in order to popularize solar street light, it is necessary to understand the stability of our solar lights. In fact, the stability of the solar street light is mainly reflected in three aspects: not suddenly turn off the lights, good quality LED light source can operate in a continuous rainy days

1. Not suddenly go out: Solar street light is absorbed solar energy as the amount of solar energy when the sun to charge the battery, dark environment to a certain extent when the battery will work to provide street lighting operation of the power, so it will not happen suddenly in the case of room lights, solar street light uses a DC power supply, the problem is only a very small probability will occur, and if the solar battery problem occurs, it will not happen in the event of a sudden the lights on, but will after a period of time gradually darkens, this time we will increase the quality testing for solar street light, in order to avoid unnecessary losses.

2. LED light source quality: solar street light source LED lamp is generally used as the LED lamp has many advantages, long-life lighting (may have about 50,000 hours), and when in use will not emit excessive heat this point is greatly extended the life of the light source

3. The number of consecutive rainy days can also be used normally: Solar lights are using solar energy to generate electricity, and therefore no sunny days can be normal lighting work, and manufacturers of solar street lights solar street during design time also take into account these aspects, and through communication with customers, the customer is given the local rainy weather for streetlight fittings configured to address the most local of consecutive rainy days can be operated, and will not appear out of power lights situation.

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