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How to judge good or bad quality LED panel lights?

How to judge good or bad quality LED panel lights?

LED panel light can be said to be the best representative Led energy-saving lamps, which not only has a slim appearance, but also to achieve effective energy saving, long life, no radiation, high brightness effect. This panel downlight can be said now the office, home of the best lighting choice. But now on the market brand of LED panel light have many kinds type, how do we know which one's quality is good?

First, we can judge from the lamp itself, thin panel light is close to the panel and the rear cover, is a sealed state. So that it can effectively play the moisture, insects and waterproof effect. LED panel lamp housing are generally high pure Aluminum shell material, long service life. But if it is of poor quality panel lights, body panels and they are not integrated design, only the panel is metal or plastic material body, this panel lights though very light, but not only the cooling effect is not good and the use of time is not very long.

Second, LED panel light material is also very important part. Oxidation of aluminum alloy material of good quality led panel lights are used, and whether it can be used normally under what circumstances, and the situation does not appear rusty. However, some of the poor quality of the slim panel light, iron making their body, so that in a wet environment will rust easily, and there will be a potential risk of leakage. If you take a magnet can suck it up, then it is made of iron