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Solar Led street light installation method

1). After the poles are installed, start wiring all components (solar panels, battery, light sources) to the controller. (See the specific controller wiring diagram)

2). First, the light wire directly connected to the battery wire, see the light source is lit, you can determine the light source of the positive and negative (positive and negative light source is not connected after the light source will not damage the light source can be Rest assured that the test light), and then the positive light source wire connected to the controller on the corresponding red light bulb icon, the negative light source connected to the controller icon on the corresponding black light bulb.

3). With a multimeter DC voltage file out the battery out of the positive and negative, the positive battery wire connected to the controller on the battery icon corresponding to the red line, the negative battery wire connected to the battery controller has a corresponding Black line.

4) Check the positive and negative pole of the solar panel with the DC voltage of the multimeter. Connect the positive wire of the solar panel to the corresponding red line of the solar panel on the controller. Connect the negative wire of the solar panel to the controller There is a solar panel corresponding to the black line.

5). Controller factory has been debugging a good program and intelligent lighting time, wiring does not need to debug the controller, the controller will automatically enter the working state.

6). Note: tighten the screw when the battery box installed, as well as waterproof threading pipe, waterproof threading tube into the pole base to 20 cm above the ground to ensure that the rainy days of flooding over the poles will not flood the water To the battery box. In addition, the installation site to avoid obstructions to block the solar panels, so that the solar panels can not contact the sample can not be charged.