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How to choose solar street lights

At present, China's many manufacturers of solar street lights, product quality varies greatly, many customers do not know how to choose today, Shaanxi Yahua Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd. told you how to choose solar street light:

Solar street lights the most important is the system life, brightness and continuous rainy days continued to light the number of days!

First, first consider the life of the whole lamp, there are several main factors:

1, LED constant current drive device life problem:

Solar street lamp manufacturers often say to the guests that I bought the best chip, the best battery, so life is the best, in fact, because the solar street lights with DC power supply, low voltage, current, each component is critical, The internal resistance of a joint, the resistivity of the wire, (because of the P line loss = 12R). Of course, the actual use has proved that the impact of solar street lamp life is the main reason is to rely on the battery life and LED light source drive circuit. Take LED lamp beads, LED lamp beads recognized life is 50000-100000 hours, but the conventional technology LED drive constant current source has an electronic components electrolytic capacitors, electrolytic capacitors life is generally 3-5 years, in the Electrolytic capacitors to do the best of the Japanese ruby can only be used for 5 years to determine the life of the LED driver.

2, another factor is the battery life problem,

Solar street lights are generally used GEL batteries, conventional technology can do life in 3-5 years has been very good, our technology can do 8-10 years, this is because the battery life is mainly due to deep cycle The number of times and the impact of the working environment temperature, our solar lights in other ordinary solar LED lights on the basis of energy saving 70-85% of the patented technology, greatly extending the battery cycle of a deep cycle, thus extending the life; In addition the battery working environment temperature Life impact is very large, I cited the Secretary for nano-technology in the battery, so breathable waterproof, the battery buried in the frozen soil below, so I Division of the battery to obtain the best working temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius, and conventional technology of solar street light Most of the battery hanging on the pole or the ground (because there is no waterproof design), can be imagined, in the hot summer, the battery box temperature is so high, the temperature increased by 10 degrees Celsius, battery life by half.

Second, the second consideration of the brightness of the whole problem;

Solar lights do not say that the greater the power of the light source like, there are many manufacturers false power, or to reduce the cost to buy low lumen lamp beads, in fact, to achieve the same brightness, the lower the better power source, indicating power, now on the market Other companies LED light source luminous efficiency in the 80-100Lm / W, and the light decline, 1 year light failure to 15% -30%, and our LED light source selection of high-quality LED chip, and patented technology low Light failure structure and technology, luminous efficiency of 130-140Lm / W, light failure 10,000 hours less than 4%, tested, the actual light failure is only about 2-3%, and our LED lamp beads directly issued their own rectangular spot, put all Light evenly distributed on the road, greatly improving the efficiency of light utilization and average illumination.

In short: energy saving, energy saving, solar energy can save the cost of electricity, so that consumers buy a good thing, but also save money.