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What advantages for modular led street light?

Upgraded modular design led street light to solve the problem of LED light maintenance

At present, the market in addition to the conventional LED lights poor heat dissipation, short drive power quality problems caused by life, the maintenance and repair of inconvenience to a certain extent, limit the LED lights on the traditional street full replacement.

Conventional LED lights use integrated structure, if the LED light source in some damage, the scene can not be replaced, only the overall replacement lamp or depot maintenance, not only a waste of resources, but also time-consuming and laborious. In order to solve the above problem, the use of modular light source LED street lamp operation.

What advantages for modular led street light?

1.LED street light modular design easy maintenance

2.LED street lamp modular design can also effectively solve the power LED device of the module cooling, light efficiency, life and other issues.

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