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Why led solar street lights not working during one year?

In the field of the street lighting, led solar street light is a very important position. led solar street light system using "solar panel PV  + battery storage" form, it is a typical stand-alone solar power system. Daytime sunshine enough photovoltaic cells generate electricity to charge the battery, the battery discharge at night, the lights provide electricity. In actual use, if the battery is no reasonable control, improper charging, overcharge and over discharge will affect battery life, in order to reduce the cost of protection, the most effective way to get the battery to a reasonable charge, of course, the discharge is to be reasonable. 

How to control the battery charge and discharge. we must choose the good intelligent controller meanwhile for solar energy street light configuration is very important. Solar PV and battery configuration is not reasonable, one is Solar PV can not charge suitably to battery, another one the battery capacity it should be suitable not over not less. all the above reason will cause the battery lifetime is short. Maybe you spend much more cost to purchase these solar street light but just it could spend one or two years. the lamp will not work. 

so we remind you, when you plan to purchase the solar lights, you must consider the solar street light configuration and each country the average light intensity is different. 

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