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From The Rio Olympic Games Sports Lighting Developments

From the Rio Olympic Games sports lighting developments

Rio Olympic Games came to an end, and although still less than satisfactory. From sports lighting, one can see some developments.

1, the metal halide is still the main Olympic stadium in Rio

According to incomplete statistics, more than 70% of the Rio Olympic Stadium still use cheap, cost-effective metal halide lamp, and metal halide lamp technology is mature, stable performance, the main source is the Olympic Games venues.

2, LED lighting application for sports field 

LED lighting is a new favorite sport. According to incomplete statistics, at least there are more than 2,000 sets of LED lighting used in all kinds of venues venues, sports LED lighting technology fast development.

LED stadium lighting is the future direction of development.

3, the temporary lighting for large multi-sports

Major Games venues to use larger quantities, in addition to the use of permanent buildings, but also need to use the convention centers and other large space set up temporary venues, and some also need to use low-grade venues. The former most appropriate lighting solution is to use a temporary venue lighting system, which can be used to improve the illumination supplementary lighting standard low-level venues to meet the requirements of the Olympic Games. Supplemental lighting system is a form of temporary lighting systems

Therefore, LED lighting system is the future direction of development! Venture to anticipate that the next Olympic Games in Tokyo will have about half the stadium field with LED lighting.