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LED High Bay Industrial Lamp Installation Should Pay Attention To What The Problem?

Selected high-quality LED high bay industrial lamp, then how to install in order to achieve the desired results? The installation of lamps is also pay attention to.

   1. the distribution of lighting. Reasonable design lighting installation location, to achieve a reasonable distribution of light, do not appear dark areas. Distribution of good lighting can make people feel space, bright, no fatigue, comfortable working environment. Where the construction area should be a reasonable distribution of LED mining lamps and options.

  2. LED industry light in the use of the installation, we should pay attention to is not to put some lines to the wrong, because the internal chip or a number of shells, including some of the lamp design, are in accordance with the steps to.

3. when installing LED high high bay lamp, we must first pay attention to the electrician must hold certificates, so that you can avoid damage to this lamp, before installation must also check whether the integrity of the entire lamp is not able to normal Of the installation, the lack of a part is not possible. And flammable items as far as possible to maintain a certain distance from the installation or there will be some explosion or the effect can not be used normally.

    4. the installation is also completed on the place to check to see if there is no lighting dead ends, lighting should ensure that lighting requirements.

    5. in the installation of LED industry light should be gently, do not appear chaos throw phenomenon, resulting in damage to the lamp. In strict accordance with the manufacturer's installation instructions to implement.