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LED Panel Lights Performance And Application

LED panel light with its uniformity of illumination is good, that is higher, light symmetry soft, peaceful and other characteristics, is widely used in office, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, home and other occasions, become LED during the replacement of traditional grille plate The best product.

Product layout

LED panel lights, including the layout of the important framework, diffusion plate, light guide plate, lamp beads, drive power, aluminum plate and other components.

1, frame: frame strength affect durability

Frame is an important part of panel lights, high-intensity framework to make panel lights more durable. LED panel light frame of the use of material differences, the thermal performance is not the same. According to statistics, the current panel light frame material is mainly aluminum, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum, steel and other materials.

2, diffusion plate: the difference between different light transmittance material

The role of diffusion plate is to light the light guide plate to spread out symmetrically, but also play the role of obscure outlets, the use of important materials are acrylic, PC, PS and so on.

According to acquaintance, acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC 88%, PS probably also 80%, acrylic light transmittance higher than the PC, and the cost is low, while its anti-aging performance is weak; and PC material expensive, But strong anti-aging properties.

3, light guide plate: a great impact on the light effect plate

The light guide plate functions to deflect light deflected parallel to the light-transmissive plate in a direction perpendicular to the light-transmissive plate, and the light reflected from the light guide plate to the back surface of the panel lamp is reflected by the reflection paper. In this process, but also to minimize the decline of light, as generally speaking, light guide plate light efficiency depends largely on the level of network planning, followed by the choice of sheet.

4, power: constant current power supply model 

LED lamp has two drive power mode, a constant current power supply, this model obey the high, PF value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; the other is constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but obey the low cost.

Product classification

LED panel lights have direct type and side light-emitting two categories.

Side panel light is light weight, easy placement and transportation advantages, the disadvantage is easy to shine is not symmetry; direct type panel light is the advantage of rich brightness, cost control has the upper hand, the disadvantage is not to stop glare, a dark area, Heavy, relatively inconvenient transportation and placement.

Side LED panel lights relative to the cost of direct type, due to side-emitting LED panel lamp technology is relatively large, which is determined by the side of the light-emitting product layout, side-emitting LED panel lights than the direct type of skills and processes Should be large, leading to product yield and product homogeneity are more difficult to control.

Product advantage

LED panel light has a very soft light method, now commonly used side of the light method, it light body surface emitting light is very symmetrical, so that the light is not dazzling. Use in all areas, can be useful to remove glare.

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