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High Mast Pole Design Height And Description

1, the square high pole lamp design height: 25 meters, light pole for the octagonal rod, divided into three sections, the thickness from top to bottom are: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, the caliber: 280mm, Under the caliber: 560mm, the design maximum wind resistance of up to 60m / s. It consists of 3 sections of plugs, with high-quality steel plate flange diameter 950mm, thickness 25mm.

    2, pole lamp and stent from the high-strength high-quality steel plate by a large one-time bending forming bending machine, submerged arc welding automatically formed, light pole, lamp panel as a whole using hot-dip zinc treatment, the appearance of polyester powder coating, Protection for 30 years appearance without corrosion.

   3, pole lamp electric lift system by the electric motors, hoist, hot-dip zinc wire rope and rubber cables and other components. Light pole body installation, the lifting rate of 3 to 5 meters per minute.

   4, high pole light guide, unloading system consists of guide wheel and guide arm composition, to ensure that the light plate in the process of lifting does not occur lateral movement to protect the lamp plate in place when the lamp can automatically fall off and locked by the hook.

   5, pole lamp lighting consists of 8pcs or 12 pcs 400W high power led flood lights   

6, pole lamp lightning protection system: 1.5m long light installation of long lightning rod, installed on a ground 1m long ground wire and underground bolts.

   7, pole lamp down mode for the electric control mode, so that the lamp panel can be safely and reliably down to 2.5m from the ground, to facilitate maintenance work. High-pole lamp manual remote control device has a lead-out line, the operator can be 5 meters at the remote control lamp panel down, so to ensure the operator's personal safety.

8, down-type high-pole lamp All lamps and lanterns of the IP65 seal standards to prevent dust, rain immersion, protection of light, electrical life. Lamp materials are generally used in good corrosion resistance of die-casting aluminum molding.

The above is the square high mast pole design height and parameter description, if you need to buy pole lamp, you can e-mail us. to sales@sxyhzm.com