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How do I fix my solar lights?

1. Wiring method of solar street light,

If the solar street light cannot work after the solar street lamp is installed, it is possible that the employee has connected the positive and negative of the LED solar street light in reverse while wiring, so the non-lighting condition appears. If the solar street light does not go off, it is possible that the solar panel is connected reversely. Since current lithium batteries have two output lines, if they are connected reversely, the LED will not be extinguished for a long time.

2. The volume problem of solar street light battery,

In addition to the wiring problem, it may also be caused by the volume problem of the lithium battery. According to relevant regulations, the power storage capacity of solar-powered lithium batteries from the original factory to the delivery of rechargeable batteries is controlled at around 30%. This means that the battery power given to the customer is not full. If the customer does not install for a long time or encounters a rainy day after the installation, then only the power consumption that needs to be stored at the original factory will be consumed. Until this kind of power consumption is used up, the situation of solar street light not turning on will appear.

3. Product quality problems of solar street lights,

In addition to the above two conditions, the higher probability is the product quality problems of solar street lights themselves. At this time, everyone can only contact the manufacturer, send the solar street light back for inspection by the solar street light manufacturer.

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