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how long do solar street lights last?

Solar street lights are composed of the following parts: solar panels, batteries, controllers, LED chips and poles. In the daytime, solar panels receive sunlight to generate electrical energy, charge the battery with the intelligent controller, and save the electrical energy in the battery. When it’s dark, the smart controller works, and turns on the light, and light time will last few rainy days, depending on the capacity of the battery. 

When configuring, you can require the solar street light works how many hours every day, according to the actual situation, the capacity of the battery and solar panel are matched.

Generally, the battery manufacturer guarantees two to three years. It does not mean that it can no longer be used after two years. The three-year guarantee means that the manufacturer can guarantee the normal use within three years. Next, by the last day of three years, it can also be guaranteed that the solar street light works will be same as the effect just after installation. If the effect is not achieved, the manufacturer will replace it. Solar panels are generally guaranteed for more than fifteen years. If the led solar street light is protected from man-made damage, the good quality can generally be used for about 15-20 years. 

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